We help clients structure energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability-focused project finance programs for aggregation.


Our team has significant experience with designing and structuring creditworthy, robust, and scalable programs that appeal to capital providers, large financial institutions, and the securitization market as a whole.  The following are some examples of how we can work with clients to structure project finance program platforms to increase their potential for securitization.


Energy Efficiency Loan Pools

We assist clients who seek to aggregate small energy efficiency projects into scalable, capital markets financings. Some services we may offer include the following:

  • Pooling of distributed generation renewable projects
  • Securitization of on-bill recovery financing programs for water and wastewater systems


Property Assessed Clean Energy ("PACE")

Programs in Formation
We provide critical strategic advice to entities that are in the process of promulgating rules for PACE programs as authorized by legislation.  In our experience, program design has a meaningful impact on scalability and receptivity by the securitization market.  The following are some services that we have the capacity to execute:

  • Analysis of Savings-to-Investment Ratio (“SIR”) scenarios
  • Strategic evaluation of Loan Loss Reserve Funds
  • Creation and scheduling of presentations to key banker and investor groups
Existing Programs
We have the capacity to assist with a wide range of initiatives for established programs.  Some services we may offer include the following:
  • Creating and implementing commercial property owner and vendor/contractor outreach and education programs
  • Establishing and implementing underwriting standards
  • Originating projects for financing
  • Facilitating mortgage holder consent
Select Commercial Real Estate PACE ("C-PACE") Experience
We have direct experience with C-PACE programs, including the following:
  • CaliforniaFIRST (California’s C-PACE program)
  • Connecticut Green Bank (Connecticut’s green energy financing program)
  • GreenFinanceSF (City and County of San Francisco’s C-PACE program)