We provide clients with strategic financial advisory & consulting services tailored for the sustainable real assets sector.


We deliver strategic financial advisory and consulting services for the new climate economy, an economy that recognizes that sustainable economic growth requires consideration of social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns.  Consideration of social and environmental impacts is more than an exercise in risk mitigation it is an understanding of their inextricable relationship to sustainable, long-term economic growth. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") considerations lie at the core of our practice.  Our commitment to sustainability enables us to address the needs of clients in the sustainable real assets sector.  The following is a selection of services we offer:

  • Identifying and analyzing potential sources of capital
  • Sourcing and conducting due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Creating advanced financial models, including models for sensitivity and scenario analyses
  • Designing, analyzing, and implementing key performance metrics
  • Assessing alternative financing structures across financial, social, and environmental objectives
  • Preparing asset valuations based on cash flow and other methodologies